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"Nulla res tam necessaria est omni generi hominum quam medicina."

Our dental services

Our dental clinic provides full range of dental treatment, in particular:

+ prophylaxis
prevention of teeth and gums disease. Enable healthy teeth protection against decay and dental caries (cavities sealing, teeth fluoridation, ...).

+ conservative dentistry
conservative dentistry is concerned with the conservation of teeth in the mouth in their natural shape and colour. Nowadays the treatment of teeth caries became absolutely painless and with the use of the latest materials restorations can be made in a very aesthetic way restoring natural feature of the teeth. Materials used for fillings are produced in many various colours in order to match the best shade to the patient's teeth. We provide in particular:
- decay and cavity painless treatment
- broken teeth reconstruction
- teeth shape correction
- teeth restoration on titan and fiber cores
- teeth whitening and bleaching

+ endodontics (root canal treatment)
root canal treatment for teeth with high level of damage and pulp disease to prevent tooth extraction.
We use ProPex™ and Raypex™ apex locators for accurate root canals length determination – the foundation for successful endodontic treatments. DentMedica is equipped with the  high-tech  microscope SOM-22 manufactured by Karl Kaps GmbH. No Compromise in Quality: High magnification, excellent illumination and easy positioning are decisive in achieving the best possible treatment results with high success rates. Kaps dental microscopes opens a new range of possibilities to the dentist. Image magnification of operational field makes it possible to locate additional, previously invisible root channels, removal of broken root canal instruments, and carrying out microsurgical operations.
Remember: Only what you can see, you can treat !

+ oral surgery
among others: teeth extractions, roots extractions, roots resections, essential to keep health of oral cavity.

+ periodontics
treatment of gums diseases causing "paradentitis".
We remove tartar and plaque with hand tools, ultrasonic devices and prophy air polisher. We install splints for wobbly teeth.

+ prosthodontics
in the field of prosthodontics we offer the most advanced form of sequencing treatment, restorative treatment and maintenance. We also perform an esthetically higher level of implantology and full mouth reconstruction.
- full and partial acrylic dentures (prosthesis)
- skeletal dentures
- elastic dentures (no-clasp dentures)
- removable and fixed partial dentures
- removable complete dentures
- dental veneers and other bonded restorations
- ceramic (porcelain)and metal-ceramic crowns and bridges
- preventive and healing splints
- crown-root constructions
- adhesive bridges

+ pediatric dentistry
children treatment.
For milk baby tooth we offer wide range of light-curing fillings in rainbow colors to encourage children to painless and pleasant dental treatment.

+ aesthetic dentistry
combination of all dental specializations to achieve healthy and natural teeth and smile, in particular:
- inlays & onlays
- composite bonding
- teeth whitening
- dental veneers
- dental implants
- full mouth restoration

Our doctors experience and skills, modern medical devices and world-class quality materials ensure the best treatment results for our patients. This allows to provide full warranty for all works and treatment done in our dental clinic. In every case it's required to closely follow the doctor's orders and instructions - and all these to provide dental treatment on the highest level and guarantee your good health and satisfaction.


We are offering a guarantee for every treatment done in our clinic.

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