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"Nulla res tam necessaria est omni generi hominum quam medicina."

Pendodontics is a domain of dentistry specializing in a preventive care and treatment of children and adolescents. As it goes about children, pendodontics primary goals are prevention and heading off potential oral health problems before they occur! So each child should be under a permanent dental care even if apparently there are no reasons for it.

We offer painless and stress-free visits for our young patients.

Adaptation visits and check-ups are free of charge.

Decayed milk teeth are treated similarly as in adults. For your child we have also the whole range of newest durable and healthy fillings. They can be white, but also glittering and colored Twinky Star – available in 7 colors with glitter effect: intensely pink, orange, silver, gold, blue, green and lemon. VOCO Twinky Star is a light-curing compomer with outstanding polishability.

After the treatment our little patient is very proud of its colored filling and willingly decides on the next one of a different color. After each visit we give a present for courage.

colored fillings Twinky Star for milk teeth


We are offering a guarantee for every treatment done in our clinic.

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