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"Nulla res tam necessaria est omni generi hominum quam medicina."

Welcome to our Dental Clinic

For over 15 years we have been improving our experience in the field of dentistry. Thanks to combining many years’ experience with the most modern technology we have gained trust and satisfaction of our patients. In November 2008 we have established our own DentMedica Dental Clinic. In Spring 2018 we have opened New Clinic in center of Szczecin !

Our Clinic fulfills all present EU regulations for non-public medical institutions. We do our best to equip our clinic with the modern equipment, devices and solutions which connected to newest materials, our knowledge and experience guarantee best effects for our patients.

We treat every patient individually. Our patients’ comfort and their satisfaction is our basic aim. We guarantee complex and competent care. DentMedica Dental Clinic can provide a full range of dental services. We are able to provide every type of dental service without having to refer you to other specialties. This flexibility saves you time and keeps your total dental care within one place.

We value our patients’ time, therefore while planning the treatment we take into consideration individual preferences.

Agnieszka Kalinowska
dentist - implantologist
DentMedica Dental Clinic owner

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